Discord and contact points

We’re approaching liftoff, and hence we have started getting pinged about various things on various platforms. Those of you who are on the Demoscene Discord server may have noticed we opened up shop there yesterday evening. Going forward, that will be where we prefer you ask your general questions – all crew are there, and […]

Compo deadline!

What is a demoparty without compos, eh? They’re our bread and butter, and it’s naturally in everyone’s interest to know how much time is left to make that ultimate megademo, that winning graphics entry or that banger of a tune. Deadline for all compos are at midnight wednesday july 8th, Norwegian time. Productions can be […]

We want you! (on video)

So, we fully get that Solskogen just won’t be the same online as it was irl – but we’re making it our mission statement to at least bring as much of that ambience as we possibly can to our online experience. At least for this writer, what made Solskogen special was the people. All those […]

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