Solskogen 2020 - Sunset

Saturday the 11th of July 2020


Saturday 11th of July 2020


Solskogen is a pure demoscene event that’s been around since 2002. We welcome all creative computer souls — young and old — to visit, compete in our compos, and generally have a great summery demoscene time!

We have a few special party features, such as the all-night live compos on Friday and the free BBQ feast on Saturday. Check our compos, rules and code of conduct.

We are located at Flateby Samfunnshus, about 35 minutes outside of downtown Oslo, Norway.

Watch last year’s invite by Ninjadev: WebGL / YouTube

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Do I need a ticket to attend?
Yes, and you should know that we’ve actually sold out the past few years, so if you plan to attend (as you should), you’d better get your ticket early. There will be no ticket sale at the door this year, only tickets purchased in advance!

What competitions are you hosting?
Short answer: all the ones you would expect. 🙂 Long answer: see the full compo list here!

Can I arrive on Thursday before the party begins?
Yes, you can! However: no service will be offered on Thursday since the party doesn’t officially start until Friday. This means that you should be self-sufficient in terms of food and such.

What about accommodation?
Most of our visitors sleep in tents in the forest or near the venue, or inside in our sleeping quarters downstairs. There are also hotels in Lillestrøm (20 minutes away) as well as multiple Airbnb options nearby.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?
We don’t offer refunds on tickets, sorry. If you have ordered a t-shirt and are unable to attend Solskogen, we’ll do our very best to have the t-shirt reach you by sending it with other participants that are going your way.

What payment types do you accept?
We use Stripe, so you can pay with all major credit cards, as well as Apple Pay. As mentioned, there will not be any tickets sold on-site this year, so make sure you get your ticket in advance.

After the party: do you have a lost and found?
We don’t, sorry. We trust that most people are adults and care for their belongings so we have a pretty straight-forward approach in dealing with leftover goods: if it’s anything with a perceived low value, we simply throw it away. If it’s something that seems too good to throw away, we stick it in a box and the box is put into storage for next year. We don’t ship lost things unless there’s a real special case. Since 2002 that’s happened twice.

After the party: I won something!
Awesome! Someone from the crew or one of our sponsors will reach out to you a few days after the event is over with more info on how to claim your prize. And congrats again for winning one of our compos!

Getting there

Solskogen is held at Flateby Samfunnshus, in Flateby, approximately 35 minutes drive from Oslo. The adress is Borgengrenda 1, 1911 Flateby.

The easiest way to get to our location is by bus 350 from Lillestrøm – it’s about a 25 minute ride – see this link for when the bus leaves.

If you’re coming from Gardermoen Airport, grab any train to Lillestrøm, and the aforementioned bus from there. Similarly, from Oslo Central Station, take any train to Lillestrøm and change to the bus from there.

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