Compo deadline!

What is a demoparty without compos, eh? They’re our bread and butter, and it’s naturally in everyone’s interest to know how much time is left to make that ultimate megademo, that winning graphics entry or that banger of a tune.

Deadline for all compos are at midnight wednesday july 8th, Norwegian time.

Productions can be delivered here until that time.

Some of may have questions such as “whyyyyy?”, and there is actually a few reasons. To ensure a smooth run, we will pre-capture all productions prior to broadcast. We also want ample time to check all productions are running smoothly, talk to any authors whos productions does NOT run as intended for whatever reason to fix that, and to test our captures against our videochain to uncover any areas where adjustments need to be made for an optimal experience.

For all your general questions about compos, we refer to our compos & rules page.

We’re psyched to see what awesome things you guys come up with 🙂

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