Discord and contact points

We’re approaching liftoff, and hence we have started getting pinged about various things on various platforms.

Those of you who are on the Demoscene Discord server may have noticed we opened up shop there yesterday evening. Going forward, that will be where we prefer you ask your general questions – all crew are there, and it is the easiest and quickest way to get any questions answered.

For any questions that you’d rather keep out of the public eye, you can use our email address; [email protected]

We urge you to use these contact points exclusively. There will be more than enough to do for the entire crew during Saturday, and pinging people specifically by dm is not really helping. Our two hosts specifically, Gloom and Ferris, will be entirely unavailable for communication during the day. Any dm’s sent to them, or probably other members of staff, will be ignored. This is not to be unfriendly, but just to make sure we have focus and nothing gets left by the wayside 🙂 Use Discord or email. We’ll check our other social accounts periodically, but for swift responses – see above.

Saturday can’t come soon enough!

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