Oh yes, our partysystem is now online and you can access it from wuhu.solskogen.no – here you can submit your entries AND vote during the party. You need a vote-key to log in, and we’ve made it super simple: your vote-key is your Stripe receipt number: If you don’t have a vote-key, you can get […]

Solskogen Online

We’re going online There’s no need for a preamble here; everyone knows what’s going on around the world, but for future readers, here’s the gist of it: the COVID-19 pandemic is making it impossible for us to make Solskogen 2020 – our last Solskogen ever – in the regular way. We’ve been following the status […]


Today, we are officially announcing the tagline for Solskogen 2020: “Sunset”, and we would also like to tell you the story behind this tagline. You see, Solskogen 2020 marks the end of Solskogen; let us explain why we have made this decision. TL;DR: Solskogen 2020 will be our last party. Tickets will only be available […]

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